Manufacturing Technique

The Collections are composed of 3 themes :

Mesh Knit :
Elisabeth Delaunay realized very quickly on that what made her brand creations stand out was the handcrafted approach to her sweaters. This is carefully obtained with the use of "family" sewing machines, and with decreased stitching, i.e. under the tailor's direct supervision, as opposed to sweaters with heavy circulation that are made with simple cut and sew techniques. Industrial sewing machines make panels that can then be worked on as cloth. Hence, Elisabeth Delaunay sweaters have this antique feel to them: precious and full of charm, as if found in an ancient treasure trunk.

Woven fabrics for garments :
This is a particular type of "cloth". Depending on the Collection, whether spring, summer or winter, Elisabeth Delaunay uses fabrics that are more or less heavy, all the while favoring cotton, poplin and linen in the summer time. Fabrics are rarely printed or multi-colored. The overall trend is towards pastel colors, that allow lace and 'guipure' applications –as well as satin ribbons– to stand out. During the winter season, Elisabeth Delaunay prefers soft and rich mohair wools as well as microfibers that fall particularly well into place. Winter colors include a large variety of Chocolate, Ruby and, naturally, Black. However, one also fends other colors such as Powder Pink and Caramel.

Lace :
It's Elisabeth Delaunay's fabric of choice. She finds rich supplies in Northern France, selected from the best traditional lacemakers. She also creates tunics, shirts and trousers that can be worn with or without mesh sweaters or cardigans. The contrasting effect of all these fabrics are what makes Elisabeth Delaunay's designs unique. The colors of all three themes complement one another.